Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hagoth: Builder of Ships

11:22 PM by Mike ·
Update (5/27/09)
Pre-order Hagoth!!!

"Welcome to the Land of Bountiful! Hagoth is seeking a partner in his endeavor to build ships and sail them to the Land Northward. It is your task to design, build, and sail ships, thusly showing Hagoth your proficiency in this undertaking. Which of you will become his new partner?
Hagoth: Builder of Ships is a game for 2 to 4 players. Players compete in an effort to design, build, and sail ships to the Land Northward. Through these efforts players are awarded Victory Points. The first player to obtain 30 Victory Points wins the game and is awarded a partnership with Hagoth!"
Cards are used to design, build, and sail ships. Players start the game with a hand of 5 cards. On their turn they can do one of the following:
1. Play 2 cards (there are 1. ship pieces cards, used to design ships; 2. Go Wooding cards; 3. Build cards; 4. Move cards; and 5. Adversity cards, used to hinder opponents' progress)
So, players can do the following using cards. It gives them the opportunity to do 2 things instead of just one, if they have the cards.
Here is an example card:

2. Go Wooding (this allows the player to collect wood that will be used to build the ships he designs)
3. Build 1 Piece of a Ship (once a ship is built the player is awarded points)
4. Move 1 Ship (once a ship reaches the Land Northward the player is awarded points)
Players have a Victory Points marker that moves along a track. The first to 30 points wins the game!


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