Monday, October 24, 2011

LDS Voices from Lift Games

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LDS Voices (from Lift Games here) is an iPhone app that challenges you to listen to several topics, including hymns, prophets voices, and scripture mastery, and to recognize them. You first select your topic of choice and then the level of difficulty (easy, medium, hard). Once you have done this you are presented with a few seconds of audio. Once you think you know what you are hearing you tap the Answer button. You are then presented with a list of possible answers to choose from. How many can you get right in a row!?

This is a great way of familiarizing yourself more with the hymns and the voices of the prophets. It also gives a good opportunity to practice the scripture mastery verses. The app sells for $2.99 in the app store (there is also a Lite version if you'd like to try it out a bit before purchasing). Grab your copy and enjoy!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Helam: A Stripling Warrior Quest

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Looks like Deseret Book will soon be releasing a game from Excel Entertainment entitled Helam: A Stripling Warrior Quest (here). At least that's what I can find out on their site. Looking through the Excel Entertainment site (along with their Facebook page and their Twitter feed) I could find nothing mentioning this game. The cover looks fantastic. Even the flavor text (pasted below from Deseret Book's website) makes me want to try it out.

Game Description from Deseret Book:
Perfect for thrill-seekers of all ages, Helam: A Stripling Warrior Quest is an action- packed video game based on the Book of Mormon. Experience the excitement first-hand as you take control of Helam, who aspires to be a stripling warrior. Battle mysterious creatures, defeat wicked Lamanites, and collect clues while you journey to find the villain who burned down your village. Do you have what it takes to complete your quest, conquer evil, and become a true stripling warrior? 

I just wish there was more information available, such as a few screenshots or perhaps a short game trailer showing scenes from the game along with some gameplay examples. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Anyone know anything more about the game?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Another Winner!

Thanks to all of you out there who follow us on Facebook. We are currently up to 304! That means that we need to have another drawing (every 100 fans we give away a game). The winner of this drawing will receive a copy of Caractor Match (find out more about the game from Keystone Games here).

And the winner is...

Christina Bastien Cool Cat

Congratulations Christina!! If you will contact me here on the blog via the contact link above or comment on Facebook so that we can get your mailing address, then we'll get the game sent out to you.

So, spread the word and let others know about us. Once we hit 400 followers on Facebook then we'll have another drawing!
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