Saturday, January 3, 2009

Armor of God

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Update (5 May 2009): Well, I've known for a while, but am just barely updating this post. Covenant decided that the game is too complicated and only for 2 players. So, now I'm pursuing making this a Print n Play game like I had thought about doing a while ago.

Be the first player to arm yourself with all 7 pieces of the Armor of God!

The Armor of God is a card game for 2 or 4 players (2 players play against each other or, in a 4 player game, there are 2 teams of 2 players competing). Players compete to win, "arm themselves" with, the pieces of the Armor of God. This is done by playing point cards that match the piece of the Armor of God they are trying to win. These cards are played in ascending order. For example, a player plays a 4 Shield of Faith. Later he may only play 5 or above on that pile. This is done by playing 1 card per turn and then drawing to fill your hand.

There are "Arm Yourself" cards shuffled into the pile. Once a player draws one of these he spins (like a frisbee) the card into the center of the table. The numbered corner that points to that player determines which of the pieces of the Armor of God will be won. The player with the most points played on that piece, wins the piece. Once a player has won all 7 pieces, he wins the game.

Some cards are used to hinder your opponent's progress. Others are used to help yourself out.

This game has been submitted to Covenant Communications and I am awaiting their response (they have a basic prototype that we put together).


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