Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Building up Zion

3:45 PM by Mike ·
A cooperative game for 1 to 6 players.

Objective: Build up Zion (9 chapels, 3 stake centers, and 1 temple) before the opposition and adversity have reached their peak

During the game players lay land tiles, proselyte using the missionaries, and construct and dedication chapels, stake centers, and a temple. Players start each turn with 5 cards and have the option of selecting a land tile or knocking a door. Then they are able to play as many cards as they can or choose, from their hand and from any discard piles (remember, it is a cooperative game). If they are able to play all 5 cards from their hand, they draw another 5 and continue playing. Once they are unable to play any more cards they must discard. Players may only have 4 discard piles. Therefore, they may have to stack cards, only having access to the top one in each pile.

Some of the cards include: Construction, Dedication, Follow the Prophet, & Baptism

Opposition/Adversity cards are shuffled in with the other cards. Once a player has an Opposition 1 and an Opposition 2 card he gives the spinner a twirl. The resulting opposition occurs (things like inactivity or disobedient missionaries). There are ways of combating the opposition. If players have the necessary cards in their discard piles then the opposition is nullified and the Opposition/Adversity token is not moved one space along it's path. If not, then the token is moved. If the token reaches the end of the path before the players dedicate the temple, then they lose the game.

Land tiles contain homes and spots for chapels, stake centers, and the temple. In order for a chapel to be built 3 active member homes need to border the spot. For a stake center to be built 3 chapels need to be within 3 land tiles of the spot. Once 3 stake centers have been built and dedicated the temple can be built and dedicated. Upon dedication of the temple players win the game.


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