Friday, November 14, 2008

What's been published? (& Other things)

So, I used and found a list of Mormon/LDS themed games that have been published ( It's interesting to see that most of what appears in the list are games that are pretty much remakes of already published games. I'm not sure how to react to this. Firstly, I think, it's probably a good strategy: those games have been successful, people are already familiar with them. But then I think, is it really good for helping move forward more Mormon/LDS themed games? Then I think about the publisher (I guess my own experience with them kind of lit that up for me). They have to be extremely careful with what they take to printing. They have to worry about making money and whatnot. Maybe more grassroots/self-publishing type movements would actually be beneficial for this small niche that I'm jumping into.

A few side notes:
1. I just realized, in reviewing my post about Peril in the Promised Land, that I didn't really explain too much about the game. I'll have to do a much better job of that.
2. I've been able to join the Board Game Designers Guild of Utah (Yahoo Group). I wasn't able to attend the November meeting (they meet on the first Tuesday of each month in SLC), but I'm hoping to go in December. There are a lot of very accomplished designers in the group. It should be a lot of fun meeting with them and quite a learning experience.
3. On the Board Game Designers Forum I've set up an account and will be attempting to use their Game Journals goody to tell others about Peril in the Promised Land and share my design and prototyping experiences.


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