Friday, September 11, 2009

Armor of God Cards

These (link) aren't really a game, but they have really cool artwork and they are cards after all. Anyway, designed and created by Antony Peters (who spent over a year of his spare time working on them) these Armor of God cards are currently available in 3 different versions: Spartan, Mayan, and Modern (with other sets coming soon).

Tony worked with the Young Men in his stake and was looking for a way of getting the young men to make correct decisions, do what is right. He wanted something concrete that young men could hold in their hands and kind of experience. These were his idea and they look awesome!!

Here is the Sword of the Spirit in Modern, Mayan, and Spartan versions.

You can order the sets on Tony's website (here). You can get an individual set for $2 or get all three sets for $5! Tony is also working on a book that will include some of the artwork from these cards (here).

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