Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Update 3/19/09: I just got the lost ship in the mail (it came with an extra one). It didn't seem like it took much time to travel via "normal mail" and not UPS.

My models from Shapeways showed up in the mail!!!

The box was extra big for the models that I ordered, but I appreciate the nice packing that help make sure things will be safe and sound as they travel around the world to me from the Netherlands!

I ordered both the ships and the Titles of Liberty. They ended up being a little smaller than I thought they would be, but they work just fine.

The Ships

We painted these red, blue, and yellow (left some white) for Hagoth. I'll be posting pictures and things of Hagoth soon. I've pretty much got the design all finished. It's just a matter of putting the whole thing together.

The Titles

The bases are supposed to look like the top of a tower. That part, as well as the pole, will be gray. Then the Title itself will be painted (I'm not sure what color; like I have said many a time, I'm not an artist).

The material is kind of weird. My wife says it reminds her of salt. But it totally works for me.

My overall experience with Shapeways has been extremely good. I ordered when they were running a 25% off sale. A couple days after I uploaded the models and order, I got an email from Elena in production. She told me that the sail part of the ship was a little skinny and probably wouldn't come out when printed. She also told me that I could take a shot at fixing it and they would still honor the sale price. I made 3 attempts and finally got one that would work well. I kind of wish she would have said something about the Titles. A couple were broken as the pole was really skinny. Anyway, there was also 1 ship missing in my package, so I emailed Elena. She found it and put it in the mail, not UPS like the original package, but it will be here soon nonetheless. All I can say is that they are great to work with and look to give the customer the best experience possible. It's quite a difference from most of my experiences with stores I walk into. I am completely satisfied.


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