Monday, April 27, 2009

A New, as yet, Un-named Game

It's been a while since I've introduced a new game, but the wait is finally over!!!

Anyway, the guild was having a sort of in-house competition and Phil gave out some restrictions that needed to be adhered to if anyone wanted to design a game for the competition. Well, this is my attempt.

The players take on the role of a group of "-ites" or a tribe. For example, when I play I am the Mike-ites (super cheese there). The object is to develop your tribe to be the most righteous (represented by a 10-sided die) and to have the strongest army (represented by a 6-sided die). At the end of the game, your weakest of the two will be the points you score. So you have to be sure to develop both of them throughout the game.

To increase righteousness and army strength cards (each player has his/her own deck) are used. This is done by getting sets of 3 or runs of 3 (4 different suits make up the cards: Preaching, Army, Title of Liberty, and Gadianton Robber). Here is where I've tried to add something a little different. At the beginning of the game each player shuffles their deck of cards and then draws the top 4 cards. These now constitute the player's hand. The rest of the deck can be looked at by the player and reordered according to their desire and pleasure. This now constitutes the draw pile. Then, once all players have done this, the top 3 cards from the draw pile are drawn and placed face up next to the draw pile for all to see. On a player's turn one option they have it to draw a card. They may draw from the top of their own draw pile or may select any face up card. So, each player knows the order of cards in their draw pile, but not exactly when each card will come up. A little different, but it makes things interesting.

The Sword of Laban and the Brass Plates (both represented by 4-sided dice) are also on the board and having control of them also increases your army strength (with the Sword of Laban) and righteousness (with the Brass Plates).

The board is made up of hexes. The hexes contain pathways of two colors. Your righteousness and army dice move along one of the colored paths. Once you control the Sword of Laban or the Brass Plates, you can move them along the other colored path.


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