Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hagoth Update

1:39 PM by Mike ·
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I wanted to give a quick update about Hagoth and how things have been going with sales and whatnot. Overall the reception has been really good. Lots of copies have sold, so many so that Mayday Games is putting in an order for more copies of the game! In fact, they are ordering twice as many as their original order!! The new order will be done by a different manufacturer, which will improve the game's quality. So that's something to look forward to. The only downside of that is that the retail price will be raised slightly, but not really too much.

Also, there is a company in Poland who is working on translations for Hagoth. It will soon be available in: French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Polish!!! This is super cool! Who would have thought that this would turn into an international affair! But, the more the merrier.


Lastly, Mayday will be attending GenCon (here) at the beginning of August in Indianapolis! There are several Hagoth demo "events" scheduled during the show. Plus people can go by the booth and see it there. And we'll have Hagoth at the LDS Bookseller's Association Convention (here) that also takes place at the beginning of August in Salt Lake City. So, the game is getting shown all over the place!

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