Monday, April 26, 2010

Book of Mormon Clue Card Game

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A couple of months ago James H Fullmer posted a Clue card game variant that he put together based on the Book of Mormon (he posted about it on his Sons of Mosiah blog here).  The idea is that seminary teachers could use it in class with their students.

What's pretty cool is that Jay has set it up so that actual people from the Book of Mormon are in the game and situations can be set up where the actual event actually happened. For example, Coriantumr invaded the land of Zarahemla and killed Pacumeni (the chief judge) by smiting him against the wall (Helaman 1 here). In more Clue-like lingo: Coriantumr did it (killed Pacumeni) in Zarahemla with the wall.

He provides 7 image files that you print out and cut up for the cards. An 8th file contains the sheets (AKA Detective Sheets) used during game play to keep track of pertinent information. Lastly, there is a document with the rules.

For some reason I really like things with mystery and unknown components. Clue isn't one of my favorites and I think that is because when I was younger I played Clue a lot with my dad. He beat me pretty much every time, never really "taking it easy" on me. But, if you want a Clue adventure set in Book of Mormon times, this is great!!

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