Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Nephi's Courage

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Published by: Covenant Communications
Cost: $10.95

This game is really a set of cards for playing your traditional Go Fish, Old Maid, and the Matching Game. It contains cards that depict prophets from the Book of Mormon (as well as a Gadianton Robber card; represents the "Old Maid"). There are 4 cards for each prophet with two different colored backgrounds, white and yellow (two of each). So, you could play the match game with all the cards and have to match yellow Nephi with yellow Nephi (if you were to match yellow Nephi with white Nephi, well then, that wouldn't be considered a match).

Overall, I like the artwork, it is very different from other things I've seen in games. A couple of qualms I have with this set of cards are:  

1) it was hard for my kids to hold these bigger sized (kids cards are very often "oversized") cards and know if they had matches in their hand (this is a problem in Old Maid as you remove matches from your hand). For example, my 6 year old just put all her cards down face up on the table and looked through them (not super strategic when playing Old Maid, ha, ha).


2) due to the "oversized" nature of the cards, they end up to be a little less durable. And with kids this is a big necessity. The cards need to be durable, able to last and not easily bend or tear. Playing the game with a 4 year old, 6 year old, and 7 year old, well, they are sometimes put in mouths, smashed together in hands, bent, folded, etc. The cards become "marked" quite easily.

These things aren't a big deal to kids. They will just play and not pay too much attention to them. Eventually they will learn which card has the big bent corner and use that to their advantage (at least I did when I was growing up) while playing. As I found this set of cards at DI for $1, I can't much complain.

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