Wednesday, November 4, 2009

LDS Splash

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The website LDS Splash (here) has a huge list of games labeled as Family Home Evening games (here). Some are LDS themed and others are not. Some of them look really interesting and fun to try out. For example, there is one called Holy Ghost (from the website):

As a family, make an obstacle course with pillows, chairs, blankets, etc. Then pick one person to be blindfolded and another one to be the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost tries to direct the blind folded person through the course with only words (left, right, straight, stop, etc.) while everyone else yells trying to lead them astray. - Tim Bitner

One of the other cool things from the website is that they open it up for everyone and anyone to submit (linked here) their ideas and share them with anyone who comes to the website.

Another fun section of their website lets you try your hand at church trivia (here). There are a ton of categories to choose from. Once you choose your category you go through and answer 10 multiple choice questions. After you finish it tells you how many you got correct.

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