Monday, August 17, 2009


So, I took the plunge (and I consider it to be one). I decided to add my blog here to Facebook. I'm not sure this will accomplish much, but perhaps it will get out to more people than I've been able to find thus far.

Furthermore, I've added the Facebook widget thingy here on the right. Maybe not the most efficient thing in the world, as whatever I post on Facebook will also be posted here, but it makes it easy for others to find this blog or vice-versa find the Facebook page via this blog.

Through this experience (I'd never used Facebook before) I also set up my own Facebook profile. So, now other people I know or once upon a time knew can "add me as a friend," which is a very interesting idea. I mean, I might barely know them or barely knew them like 10 years ago. How much friendship is really there? So anyways...

Isn't social media super exciting!?

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